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       Tapers & Trowels Inc. is a dedicated wall finisher serving Greater Toronto Areas with high-quality services. Tenzing (Ten) has been in wall finishing trade for almost a decade and his performances are flawless, highly qualified. His skills of smoothing wall have been used in both residential and commercial. A brand new wall can be done easily but to repair 100 years old wall is something that needs a highly experienced wall finisher. Tenzing has proven that his skill is astonishing and remarkable. He has been providing services in different historical hotels and ballrooms where his performances have been applauded by many colleagues, owners, and general contractors. Dedicated and responsible what counts in this trade.

There are many wall finishers call themselves a good wall finisher or tapers nowadays in Toronto. We are the one who completes the wall for painters hiding all the rough work from the drywallers. There are many drywallers who hung drywalls leaving a space between and not properly screwed. 

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